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These articles, written by Ordover Gallery Artists and others, are of special interest to those who purchase photography. They are designed to give insight into matters of concern for collectors, as well as into the photographic process in general.

Articles for Collectors & Lovers of Photography

Collecting Photography - Digital Considerations, by Tom O Scott
Just about every article you read on collecting photography stresses that you need to learn about the process used to create a photograph. They then go on to describe film reproduction processes in detail. That's all well and good, but what should a collector know about digital reproduction?
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Certificates of Authenticity, by Tom O Scott
The COA is your warranty. This article describes what should be in a typical COA and why you should have one with every purchase. Go to the article

Painting With Glass
This article, from the December 2005 issue of Decor & Style, describes how Ordover artist Dick Ditore creates his glass works of art. Go to the article