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Will Gibson - Artist Statement

I am old enough to have had my first experiences with photography at a time when black and white imagery was still a dominant form. Ansel Adams, the Westons and others were at the peak of their careers and Life and The Saturday Evening Post magazines were touch stones for the cultural life of the country. Once I started printing my own work in 1968, I was hooked. I have ever since been fascinated with the possibilities inherent in a medium that deals with time, light, shape and form. It allows me a way to see in new and different ways. It has always been a way for me to make sense of the world, and to focus on things and ideas of substance.

Just as I strive to make compositions that have a classic inevitability about them, so too I often photograph subject matter that has, in the terms of an environmental biologist, a climax community feeling about it. In a modern world of constant change, a reminder of classic forms and ideas has true merit and can help us cope with the more hectic aspects of our lives. In this way, I feel my best work is a stepping off point for meditation and reflection.

Whether I am photographing old things, timeless landscapes, or using long exposure and light painting, time is a central element to my work. It is the one thing in our existence we can not control or avoid. We can only choose how we use our allotted time, learn as much as we can along the way and enjoy the ride.

In that light, I do my best to assure my prints last as long as possible. The silver gelatin prints are archivally processed and selenium toned for permanency. The digital prints are pigment inks on rag paper or resin paper with a UV protection coating. And I have recently been working with the best hedge against time; hand coated platinum / palladium prints on rag paper.