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Portfolio 1 thumb Infra Red In 2003, at a visit to my favorite photo store in Columbus, Ohio (Midwest Photo Exchange), I was made aware of a new German infra-red film that sounded promising. So I started experimenting with it and was quite encouraged with the results. After 30 years of photography, it was exciting to be surprised by the images I was getting. In many ways, I was a beginner again.
Portfolio 2 thumb 2006 Calendar It has become a tradition with me to produce a small desk calendar each year. The images in this portfolio are from my 2006 calendar titled "Sojourn After Dark". This collection includes images made during 2000-2003, the only years I had not lived in my native California, but rather in Westerville, Ohio.
Portfolio 3 thumb Platinum / Palladium This gallery is part of my current body of work utilizing platinum / palladium printing. Inherent to this technique are many differences from either "standard" silver gelatin, or today's inkjet printing. The tonal gradations are very smooth, the tonal range not quite as broad and the color, when using a predominately palladium mixture that I have come to prefer, is a pleasing rich brown.
Portfolio 4 thumb Alhambra Farewell These images are of the house in Alhambra, California in which I grew up and the home of our extended family for nearly 50 years. My brother and sister and I were compelled to sell the house after our mother's death in 1996. These photographs were taken (with one notable exception) between her passing in August 1995 and May 1996 when the house was sold.
Portfolio 5 thumb Calendar 2007 Over the past 30 years I have used my photography as a tool in understanding the world. Through the camera, I strive to capture the essence of a place or situation and in so doing, fix its character in my memory; a life's lesson learned. When I see the image again, I am transported to the original event and often gather new related insights as I grow and learn through life.