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Portfolio 1 thumb Sand Vision - Color I started this series quite by accident. One day in June 2003, I was walking along the beach, not thinking at all about photography, but just enjoying the sound of the waves and the red cliffs of Torrey Pines. I looked down, and was amazed to seee an incredibly intricate pattern that resembled an angel. Since then, I have returned to the beach over 200 times to capture these wonders.
Portfolio 2 thumb Sand Vision - Black & White Originally, I started the Sand Vision portfolio in color. The patterns I found were enriched by the golden sand washed up from the shore, tinged with red from the cliffs of Torrey Pines. Then, in winter, the storms changed the colors to black and white. I found a medium format film camera to be the best tool for capturing the new environment.
Portfolio 3 thumb Sandscapes One of the wonders of photography is that it makes you look at things you've passed by every day in a new light. During my hundreds of beach walks in search of images for the Sand Vision portfolios, I had passed by the rocks near the bluffs, keeping my eyes peeled for patterns on the beach itself. Then I noticed that the sand left on the surface of the rocks, combined with the rich colors of the minerals, opened the doors for a new series. These images remind me of the Rocky Mountains, where I grew up.
Portfolio 4 thumb California Dunes I cringe whenever I visit most sand dunes. Generally, they are crawling with ATV's, like a hoard of ants devouring a rotting corpse. Fortunately, there are a few places in California where you can view sand dunes sans tire tracks, and they are a wonder to behold. My favorites are Oceano Dunes and especially Guadalupe Dunes.
Portfolio 5 thumb Urban Life While the vast majority of my photographic exploration takes place in nature, I also enjoy walking through the city. I look for shots that somehow express the essence of the area I'm in.
Portfolio 10 thumb Rural Life These are scenes from around the state of California, where the pace of life is often slower, and has sometimes given away to decay. There's much to see once you get off the interstate system -- a rich history that's disappearing before our eyes.
Portfolio 6 thumb Untamed Coast - Landscapes Between Point Reyes, California, and Coos Bay, Oregon, there are only small towns. The ocean is much wilder there, and the interaction of water and land creates sights not found anywhere else in the U.S.
Portfolio 7 thumb Untamed Coast - Salt & Stone There are a few beaches in Northern California and Southern Oregon where the salt water interacts with the limestone to form fantastic and beautiful shapes and patterns. They are especially common at Salt Point in California, and Shore Acres in Oregon.
Portfolio 8 thumb Untamed Coast - Driftwood Beaches in Oregon have copious amounts of driftwood, baked by the sun for decades. The sand and the grain of the wood work together to create some beautiful images.
Portfolio 9 thumb Untamed Coast - Sand Art While there is no question San Diego has the most beautiful Sand Art I have found, there are some good specimens on the Oregon beaches as well.