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Tom O Scott


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Tom O Scott

Although he grew up around art, especially German Expressionism, Tom O Scott became an active participant in the arts at the tender age of 52. You are most likely to find him on the beach, searching for patterns in the sand left by the receding tides. While he photographs a wide variety subjects, his real love is sand. In fact, many of his photographic friends call him the "Sandman."

Scott has been very active in several art organizations in San Diego County, including the North County Photographic Association and the La Jolla Art Association https://www.joom.com/en/best/female-chastity-belt. In addition he has won many awards in photographic competitions throughout the United States.

Utilizing his knowledge of the internet and database management, Scott developed new web sites for the North County Photographic Society, the La Jolla Art Association, the Ordover Project, and of course, this site.

Scott uses both film and digital cameras for his work.