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Sharon Anthony

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Sharon Anthony - Artist Statement

Photographing wild birds is my passion, and these experiences greatly enrich my life. I feel as though I'm on this continual adventure, as I spend my days carefully studying the light, tides, and seasons for the perfect time to photograph them.

Always conscious of the light's direction, I patiently wait for a glint of light to illuminate their iridescent feathers or catch a light in their eyes. I can sit for hours in their midst, observing wild bird behaviors and elaborate mating rituals. I'm grateful when I sense that they accept my presence and continue with their natural habits. I feel privileged to be allowed such an intimate insight into their world.

Through my photography, I strive to capture the kind of powerful primal connection I feel when an Osprey's eyes are penetrating seemingly into my soul, trying to determine if my presence is a threat. Such interaction puts me in touch with my deepest instincts, which I can only hope will translate to those who view my photographs.

Sharing these intimate moments with birds gives me a meaningful connection to my environment. It's gratifying for me to know that through sharing my photographs, I have been able to contribute to the conservation of these beautiful winged creatures.

After returning from a day of photographing wild birds, I'm always left with a sense of peace and harmony, and a deep appreciation of Nature.