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Portfolio 1 thumb Nature Hiking, particularly in wilderness areas of the Colorado Plateau, has been an important part of my life. Recording the beauty that I see on such hikes is a compulsion that adds an important extra dimension to these outings. It forces me to take my eyes off the ground, stop and linger and really look at the landscape around me. And sometimes I "see it", set up the camera, look through the viewfinder and come up with that "wow" moment. Looking at those images brings back great memories.
Portfolio 2 thumb Horses My fascination with horses started some years ago while on a winter holiday on a ranch near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The ranch's herd of 50 or so trail horses were relaxing in their off-season time in a glorious winter setting. So I spent time watching them and found, much to my surprise, that winter storms really energized them. They raced through the snow, frolicked and rolled in the fresh powder. This had to be recorded.

Portfolio 3 thumb Scenics Travel for me, be it in this country or around the world, is a source of inspiration for creation of images. Just as in my hiking experiences it forces me to pause, look, explore the possibilities and hopefully to finally "see it". So it is not unusual for me to bring my car to a screeching halt or to walk the back streets of some town in the search. It's a bit like a fishing expedition where one frequently gets skunked but sometimes catches the "Big One". When that happens it's definitely not "catch and release".
Portfolio 4 thumb People Around the Globe Capturing people photographically in their natural every day settings has become a passion for me. In this gallery I would like to share with you just a few of these captures of people of all ages all around the world. I love the special beauty and character of the "road map" faces of the elders. They tell a story. And I also love the spirit and optimism that shows up in the faces of the youngsters.