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Africa portfolio thumb Africa Thanks to the heroic assistance of our Tanzanian guides, Elias and Ramadi, and 18 stalwart porters, three of us climbed the 19,000 foot Mt. Kilimanjaro in the fall of 2005. You never really leave Africa.
Asia portfolio thumb Asia In the Spring of 2004, I traveled by ship from Hong Kong to Mombai via Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Sri Lanka. Luminous greens, deep blacks and more shades of browns than I can count shimmer in these works. All on large canvas, museum wrapped. Sizes from 32"w x 24"h to 72"h x 42".
Europe portfolio thumb Europe These pieces are selected from images taken over many years of traveling throughout Europe.
Mexico portfolio thumb Mexico There are always suprises visually in Mexico even in areas where touristas hold sway. This was one case where I thought nothing of interest came home with me photgraphically from a 10-day non-work holiday. Some of my most popular work came from this journey.
Middle East portfolio thumb Middle East A fortunate window of opportunity allowed a trip through Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon ending in Turkey in the spring of 2005.
Siberia - Mongolia portfolio thumb Siberia & Mongolia These are recent works from a fall 6000 mile journey through nine times zones across the Russian Far East, Siberia, Mongolia starting in Vladivostok and ending in Moscow. Except for a root canal Soviet style in Vladivostok, this adventure could only be described as spectacular. These images are the first work to come out of that experience.