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Portfolio 1 thumb Scenics - National Parks The beauty of our national parks has attracted my eye and imagination for many years. Like the very early photographers of the last century I have been amazed by the drama of the scene and the majesty of the land. Light and its seasonal variations keep the familiar new and exciting.

Portfolio 2 thumb Animals of Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park is noted for the diversity and splendor of its scenic beauty. However in my mind the animals roaming free in this vast wilderness are truly one of the more unforgettable sights imagined. We can only imagine how this country was before civilization encroached upon their territories. As Americans we should take every opportunity both to visualize these creatures in their natural habitat and preserve it for future generations.
Portfolio 3 thumb Slot Canyons Slot Canyons are formed as sedimentary rock is eroded over the eons by wind and water. Violent storms whittle away the soft rock and leave behind many beautiful shapes, patterns and striations. As the light from above bounces among the walls illuminating the various colors and texture of the rocks we as phototographers can only describe it as an example of Nature's crayon box. These images were all shot over the last few years at Antelope Canyon, the lower and upper canyons, near Page, Arizona.
Portfolio 4 thumb Vermont, Fall, 2006 Vermont in the fall is a photographer's dream. Light and color, patterns and texture abound. Recently, I had an opportunity to visit central Vermont and wander among the streams and trees and lakes. Though the colors had "peaked" earlier I was still astounded by the magical beauty of the area. I have tried to capture the essence in my images and hope you share my vision.
Portfolio 5 thumb December 2006 Exhibition When one thinks of a landscape photograph, the 'grand landscape' is often the mental image that first comes to mind. This comprehensive view reveals an almost heroic version of 'place'. Steeped in bold light, a sense of powerful presence may be revealed. This, however, is only one part of what a thoughtful photographer may capture. One also searches for grace. And this can be found in the smallest of views, in the softest of light. The constant quest is to make a connection and then to find a way to show how it felt to be standing in that place at that moment.