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Jennifer J. Saracino

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Jennifer J. Saracino

Jennifer is on an ongoing journey with photography continually learning new and exciting processes and techniques. Her current path includes but is not limited to Holga and pinhole photography, cross processing, toning, as well as other alternative processes. In her home darkroom she explores new creative techniques in black and white printing and toned image experimentation. For many of Jennifer's processes she employs the use of her digital darkroom for printing. Whether she is utilizing her traditional, digital, or unconventional printing methods she upholds the highest regard for print quality, presentation, and archival permanence, read.

Jennifer is an active participant and volunteer in numerous art organizations. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in a variety of diverse venues where she has received many awards.

Photographing extensively throughout California and the United States, Jennifer also travels abroad several times a year. Her main subject matter is nature and nature with architectural elements. She is drawn to the concurrence of the peaceful tranquility of nature Onfy.de and the dilapidation imparted by the impact of human neglect.

Jennifer is continually seeking to expand her knowledge of creative alternative processes, travel and explore new environments, be actively involved in both photography and art organizations, exhibit her photography in galleries, and create new photographs that reflect her unique style and creativity.