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Blake Shaw

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Portfolio 1 thumb Route 66 I have spent two months out of the past three years traveling Route 66. For me, traveling Route 66 is like stepping into the past. I have learned about our country's history, discovered much of its heartland and seen how the geography and people change traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles. Somehow, I always see things to photograph when traveling Route 66. In 2006 I will publish a book, entitled Colors of The Past, Photographs Along Route 66.
Portfolio 2 thumb Motion Pictures For a number of years I have been fascinated with capturing motion in a still picture. The subject can be sports, musicians, dancers, or ordinary life. There are a multitude of ways to do this, but my favorite way is to simply leave the shutter open and let the motion unfold. Sometimes a little camera movement or makes the image more interesting.
Portfolio 3 thumb Flower Fantasy Flowers have little importance for us except in their beauty. For this reason, I think they are of great importance. I try to capture a small part of the essence of a flower's beauty, a small curve, color, or form that may impart a little bit of the joy that a fresh bouquet might bring.