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Becca Siminou

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Becca Siminou - Artist Statement

On my photographic journeys, I become one with my surroundings - listening, looking, and accepting what is - allowing my mind, body, and soul to be at peace. My greatest inspiration comes when I am out in nature, completely surrounded and touched by its beauty. As I walk through the forest, the meadows, the mountains, I see the water that flows downstream, and turns to ice…trees with their rustling leaves and bare branches…sand that forms dunes and patterns. The wind, the rain, the sunlight, and the changing of seasons constantly take on new shapes, and yet the essence of the moment constantly exist. When the camera is in my hands, my fears and insecurities disappear, leaving a positive emptiness open to creativity and possibilities. These moments allow me to share myself and leave my very soul within my images. I absolutely love it!

Photography is documenting what is present for today, and history for tomorrow. Beloff once said, "The camera is an extension of our perception. A photograph is an extension of our memory." I believe with all my heart that having the opportunity to record history through photography is a vital importance to all people of this world, and a great honor to be a part of. I count myself lucky being able to do what I love most.

I have walked so many footsteps on my treks, searching, exploring, and most of all discovering.

I call these moments of my explorations . . . my soultrek.