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Becca Siminou

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Portfolio 1 thumb Colorado Fall Colors These images are from a workshop taken with John Shaw and Jeff Vanuga back in October 2003. We explored the areas of Ouary and Telluride looking for the amazing fall colors, we were very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. Trees happen to be one of my favorite subjects out in nature, there sounds and movements are so elegant and graceful. When I am photographing them, I find my peace and serenity.
Portfolio 2 thumb Pacific Moods This body of work consists of images of the Pacific Ocean. They are images that are quite different than anything I have ever done. They are very painterly and elegant, but at the same time full of chaos and turmoil. These images of the ocean and the life that it stirs up, brought forth deep feelings and a connection I have missed. This new work has given me access to my serenity and the passion to take on the world and all it may bring.