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Portfolio 1 thumb Nudes On Hand Brushed Paper The photographs in this series are printed on French watercolor paper on which the photographer has hand brushed a black and white photographic emulsion. Hence the very apparent visible brush strokes. They have been printed in various sizes. The largest are 22" x 28" and are limited to an addition of 20.
Portfolio 2 thumb Orphaned African Children with HIV/AIDS There are currently more than 12 million children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. Many of these innocent victims themselves have HIV/AIDS. The lucky ones are fortunate to end up in caring orphanages such as Nyumbani. In 2000 I went to Kenya and stayed at the Nyumbani orphanage for two weeks and photographed many of the kids ranging: from infants to teenagers. All were HIV positive. Many were seemingly healthy and active and others not so well off. But all were lovingly cared for. These are some of the images from that project.
Portfolio 3 thumb Look At Me! I Want My Fifteen Minutes This series of photographs is a visual metaphor illustrating people's obsession with the often misguided sense of their own celebrity. Warhol assigned us each 15 minutes and the mass of us seem driven to go to any extreme to put ourselves on public display, sometimes without benefit of clothing and frequently with subsequent embarrassment, in order to collect our quarter hour.
Portfolio 4 thumb Women Living With HIV/AIDS Art Myers's project of women living with HIV/AIDS has been exhibited in over 50 museums and other venues throughout the world. An exhibition catalog titled, Women First was published by Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Portfolio 5 thumb Winged Victory: Altered Images Art Myers's photographs of women after breast cancer culminated in a book, Winged Victory: Altered Images- Transcending Breast Cancer. This series of images has been exhibited across the USA and in Europe. The book is in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress and the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and in many libraries.