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Portfolio 1 thumb Water, Impressions The show entitled: "Water, Impressions", is representative of my current reflection images. It is an extension of my Swift River show which appeared in New York three years ago. The work is a mix of abstract and impressionistic feelings about color and reflection in water. It is an emotional subject with me and I try to convey my feelings to the viewer.
Portfolio 2 thumb Reflections "Meditation and water are wedded together" - Melville
"From wonder into wonder existence opens" - Lao-Tzu
Portfolio 3 thumb Yellowstone Yellowstone is unique. The blend of colors and "chemicalscapes" is unmatched.I was in awe of this natural world and have tried to convey that sense.
Portfolio 4 thumb Big Sur These images are the result of a late evening shoot at Big Sur. Posted on a cliff, I was shooting almost straight down at the surf. The golden glow is from the late rays of the setting sun.
Portfolio 5 thumb Retrospective This portfoilio incorporates a wide variety of Ordover's work since 1990. The development from landscapes to impressionism and beyond to abstraction can be seen here.
Portfolio 6 thumb Animals "Ordover's unique combination of camera work in the field and computer work in the studio transform both the strange and familiar aspects of nature into subjects of intrigue." - Brent McCullough