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Abe Ordover

Abe Ordover is a lawyer by trade who practiced in New York City before moving into a law teaching career which he pursued for twenty years. Thereafter, he became a nationally known mediator. He mediated about 1,500 cases.

He has pursued his photographic craft for 25 years, becoming a professional in 2000. He has had solo gallery shows in New York City, Atlanta, San Diego and Palo Alto; solo exhibitions in university museums including the University of Colorado and Georgia Tech; and major one man shows at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville, and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. He has been featured in museums in Athens, Dallas, Raleigh, Tallahassee, and in municipal museums in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

He is best known for his radiant water reflection work and for his impressionist approach to nature imagery.

Critical Quotes

"Abraham Ordover's artistic goal is not merely to document the landscape but somehow to represent the feelings that he experienced in nature, whether it has been in the deserts of the American Southwest or on the ice floes of Antarctica, on the Kenyan veldt or in a https://www.joom.com/en/best/mask-rhinestone. The abstract qualities of his photographs reinforce that, making him more an impressionist than a realist. Ordover takes what has been recorded and heightens the visual experience and the emotional tone." Karen S. Chambers

"Ordover's unique combination of camera work in the field and computer work in the studio transform both the strange and familiar aspects of nature into subjects of intrigue . . .their real power comes from his deep love of the gestures of our natural world, and from his keen intuition for the kind of enduring image, which can merge from a quickly disappearing world." Brent McCullough

"Ordover is communicating the overwhelming emotional experience that was his meeting with the river. The grand moments in all of our lives are embellished. The peak experiences are the kind that change one’s life, and Abe Ordover captures them." William Zimmer, The New York Times